Who are True Friends? Better watch your Back

Keep your INNER CIRCLE small! Sometimes the one you trust the most, will let you down! So it is crucial to know Who are True friends?

One thing we all learnt when we are aging is that to keep our inner circle very tight and People who bring bullsh*t and drama are not worth your time.

In world we can see 2 types of people ; Who are True friends?

  1. With many Friends
  2. Not many Friends, but keeps best out of best closer

See the differance?

Yeah, of course you might wonder what the hell is this guy trying to say!

I’m not saying that having  many friends is a bad thing. It’s good. As in my experience i’m not that great with handling many friends. I only keep a smaller inner circle and i’m pretty damn sure that they got my back EVERYTIME! You must be selective who you keep closer. Who you share your vulnerabilities and secrets?

We all have been let down by our friends one time or another. So It’s not an unusual thing and Just the way it is!

I always have room for new friends. But it doesn’t mean that i am fully committed to their friendship and It takes time to create bonds, relationships, support and most importantly TRUST!

What is the point of having a friend if he or she is just gossiping around about you and your most kept secrets?

You don’t need thousands of friends to know who you are what you’re doing! Only a hand full should know. Those who actually care! and Who are True friends?

I’m perfectly comfortable having a fewer number of friends in my inner circle. They are precious to me and I know that i’m also valuable to them too. So that i can really open myself to them. Of course  you got to be a good friend too. Friendship is a two way road! Keep that in min always!

What about you? Do you want to have a larger inner circle or a smaller one?

Let us know.

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