What to Expect from the Phase 4 of Marvel Universe!

Today we’re gonna be talking about a lot of the supposedly Marvel universe phase 4. So these come from a lot of fan theories and stuff like that. What I want to do is go through two of the more popular leak compilations that I have found on Reddit,  and basically confirm or deny my thoughts on them.

First of the leaks Thor is going to get his hammer back. Guys this is going to be us expressing some of the more popular rumors and leaks that i’ve seen keep in mind. Real quick leaks are just that they’re from supposed sources that have information.

So supposedly these are leaked by at Roger Wardell he’s the individual that apparently leaked in a lot of stuff that was true about endgame, and he is claiming that the next movies are going to be; Black Widow, black panther 2, Doctor Strange 2, Nova,  guardians of the galaxy vol 3, Captain Marvel 2, and Ant Man 3. That is apparently phase 4 of the MCU.

What to Expect from the Phase 4 of Marvel Universe

He’s also stating that Marvel universe is planning on making the New Avengers, The Young Avengers and the Dark Avengers. Now quick rundown of the New Avengers, young Avengers and Dark Avengers. Typically in Marvel universe comic books the new Avengers is created once your classic team has kind of done a lot of times. So you guys know the traditional Justice League that has pretty much been the Justice League since the 2000. Avengers play a little differently, they create the team, the team fights something massive and then they hold on to one or two members while they rotate out and most of the roster. What traditionally these teams were used for is a way to boost up characters you may not be aware of or are having pretty bad runs themselves.

So typically when they make new avengers you’ll start to see characters that you may know of. But you haven’t been reading their book so taking and for what we have with the MCU what we’re probably gonna have is Doctor Strange, black panther, spider-man.

What to Expect from the Phase 4 of Marvel Universe

The Young Avengers is typically treated to be a younger group of Avengers says it kind of in the name and by having characters like,  ant-man’s daughter and stuff like that already available there. It is a potential to have the Young Avengers if we spend the next couple of movies introducing some younger heroes into the mix. Maybe even going into Tony Stark’s daughter becoming the new Iron Man. It could all be very interesting so the Young Avengers is basically typically  been Marvel’s answer to the teen titans. So seeing that live screen would be amazing. Now the Dark Avengers cool. The Dark Avengers is interesting based upon the leaks that I have.

On the other thing the Dark Avengers is not actually an Avenger team. So in comic books there is a period in which The Avengers are around Norman Osborn takes credit for winning the Secret Wars. . Deadpool did a bunch of things and Norman Osborn took credit for basically completing the Secret Wars, situation which then got him elected to a position of power and he created the Dark Avengers. The Dark Avengers were villains pretending to be heroes.

It states that there are no plans of the x-men and the Fantastic Four. Marvel universe has actually come out and said that multiple times that they’re just not planned for phase four. Even with this deal going through don’t expect them anytime soon. That doesn’t mean that we might not see Easter eggs.  But overall this means that we’re not going to see them and that is also confirmed by Marvel recently.

What to Expect from the Phase 4 of Marvel Universe

So Deadpool will not appear in spider-man 3. Now this is a rumor that started up last week that Deadpool was going to be the first X-Men to be introduced into the MCU, and there was a series of questions as to how they would do this would they do . The actual supposed to third movie that was going to exist. Will they introduce him in a solo outing just called Deadpool? Or will spider-man 3 feature Deadpool? If you’ve not been following spider-man and Deadpool have an ongoing story that Ryan Reynolds would reprise his role as Deadpool in spider-man 3. If that were to happen OMG would that be the greatest movie and two goddamn ends to you. Even if it was written poorly it it would be like if you took spider-man and Deadpool put the masks on a piece of poop that’s on a stick I would be like it’s the greatest thing ever. Just because you put my favorite superheroes together.

Moving on to the next and this rumor is not true. Sony wants Tom Hardy’s venom to appear in an MCU film. Now if this said Kevin Feige wants Tom Hardy’s venom to appear to them see you. Film I would be like this is all fake Sony wanting Tom Hardy to appear at MCU movie. I 100% believe that does not mean that it’s going to happen. But it means that Sony wants to be in the goddamn MCU finally and even though they’ve got a deal to have spider-man, they don’t have venom in there and if they could get venom in there, then all of the Sony movies are now MCU related. And that’s what they want. Because they want them to get MCU money on a regular basis.

What I’m expecting is in spider-man far from home some kind of mention or reference to a Norman Osborn. And lastly we have Marvel universe is looking to cast David Morrissey for a number of possible roles, thinking  captain britain was the thought process on this one. I don’t know about that cuz i don’t know the actor maybe  captain britain. But without knowing the actor i can’t do very much.

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