Explanation About Game of Thrones Ending

After an uneven last season of only six episodes in Game of Thrones, the fans were excited, worried and desperate to see how the Game of Thrones saga would end. From the iron throne to Westeros destiny to the final clash between Daenerys and Jon Snow, here’s an explanation about Game of Thrones ending what the end of Game of Thrones means not only for the last season, but for the whole series.

Be careful, the spoilers are coming!

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After the fire of King’s Landing in the previous episode of Game of Thrones, several main characters wander in the brutal aftermath, with Tyrion Lannister, the Queen’s Hand, looking hurt as he wanders through the ruined streets and sees the bodies of these Daenery burned without mercy. While he and Jon Snow watch the destruction, Jon and Tyrion leave separately to meet the queen.

Explanation About Game of Thrones Ending

Jon’s trip finds him in conflict with Gray Worm over the execution of Lannister’s soldiers. But shortly after Tyrion’s departure, he makes a horrible discovery. In a truly heartbreaking moment, Tyrion finds the bodies of his brother and sister and breaks down in the middle of the rubble. With the rest of his house literally buried, Tyrion suddenly finds himself alone, and at that moment, his determination to defy his queen is strengthened.

Later in Game of Thrones ending, as the Dothraki and Unsullied celebrate their victory, Daenerys makes a grand entrance by riding Drogon and landing in a perfect plane, the silhouette by its wings. While she is pronouncing a victory speech aloud in which she congratulates her army for having shot down a tyrant and claimed the city as theirs, the viewers know the truth: Dany is no better than the tyrant that she is trying to replace.

In fact, it is probably much worse when it announces its intention to prolong the war and to conquer the rest of the world. Daenerys has always sought justice in Game of Thrones, but with this proclamation, it seems that she has finally gone too far, and even her most trusted advisers seem frightened by her endless thirst for power.

Following the siege of King’s Landing, in which Tyrion begged his queen to show mercy to those who could not defend himself, it seems that the last remaining Lannister could no longer resolve to follow Daenerys and saw her for a long time . What she really is – or at least what she has finally become. Daenerys is already furious with Tyrion after learning he had released Jaime – which ultimately does not matter, since Jaime and Cersei are both dead. But Tyrion has his own grievances with the mother of the dragons.

As they clash at the top of a ruined King’s Landing in Game of Thrones, he admits he has released his brother, but reminds him that she has decimated an entire city. Moments later, he throws aside the badge that identifies him as the Queen’s Hand. Daenerys immediately stops him, but his remark is justified, marking another counselor who leaves it when she needs it most. His transformation into a new version of his father, the mad king, who killed all those who displeased him, is complete.

While Tyrion sits in captivity, waiting for his execution, a visibly torn Snow Snow visits him and, despite his allegiance to Daenerys, continues to trust his advice. Jon defends Daenerys first, claiming that, if he can not tolerate what happened, the war is finally over. But Tyrion persists, reminding Jon that Daenerys is not nearly finished, and that the only way for her to reach her ultimate goal is to have more deaths and more destruction on a global scale. Tyrion also reminds Jon that he once had the power to do what Daenerys did – especially riding a dragon and destroying an entire city – and he would never do it.

Before sacking King’s Landing in Game of Thrones ending, the destruction of Daenerys often seemed entirely right – like when she had freed slaves and killed their masters – but, as Tyrion points out, the killing of countless innocent men, women and children can not possibly be defended. At this point, the dragon queen will stop at nothing to achieve her goals.

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