Next Wolverine Actor : Thoughts on Taron Egerton

The favorite to replace Hugh Jackman while Wolverine actor sounds good for the concert if he arrives. Taron Egerton, a Rocketman star, was in San Diego Comic Con this weekend to promote The Dark Crystal : The age of resistance.

When he was questioned about these rumors. Speaking to MTV, the 29-year-old said, “I think you need a better beard game than me for Wolverine. Look, there is no foundation for the rumor.

Egerton continued, “I know it’s probably planned in Marvel at some point for Marvel, but I guess it’s a bit distant.

“If I was asked, it would be incredible, but… I must admit that sometimes there are better candidates.”

However, the star seemed rather interested in these claws of adamantium if an offer happened to him.

After a break, he said, “Or, in fact, you know, who knows, if it was five years from now, I might be pretty grizzly.”

Egerton added: “I am a big fan of these films and it is very flattering to have even been mentioned.”

Marvel Studio Interviewed Taron

The actor participated to a interview earlier this month, when a source said Marvel Studios was watching him play Wolverine.

Speaking about Heart, he said, “This one, I think, is just a rumor. “As far as I know, it is unfounded. I do not know if I’m macabre enough.”

“I mean, if the Marvel people think I’m great, then let’s go.”

“But I think there are probably better candidates.

“But I would like to be involved in this world somewhere.”

Wolverine and the X-Men will enter the MCU over the next decade.

Also A fan of mine @haydenly, showed me an article today about a cool Wolverine casting. Mark Miller, a comicbook writer, says that “Taron Egerton will be the next Wolverine”. I found this interesting, and so I thought I’d make a piece of it to see how he would look. hope you guys enjoy !

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