Spider Man Movie Upcoming Multiverse Rant

Okay Spider Man movie came out of this trailer and oh my god do we have a lot to talk about. We have so much to go over. Tony stark is dead and we need to find a new Tony Stark. Cool that’s the big whatever but what they discuss is that the snap a bull nut day; Spider Man Movie.

Eventually Nick Fury discusses that the snap has torn a hole within the multiverse which allows for our villain Mysterio to come from an alternate earth to our planet.

Spider Man Tom Holland Multiverse Rant
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Now before you all go ham in the comments yes Nick Fury could have been tricked by mysterio this whole thing could be not just non-existent the multiverse might not be real; Spider Man Movie

I would like to think that Nick Fury had actually done some due diligence before calling in the superheroes. I really doubt mysterio showed up and i was like i’m from another earth and Nick Fury’s like,  a giant portal opened up over rome or something like that hence, why they’re in europe i’m really spitballing here. But anyway what he says is that they’ve ripped a hole within the multiverse now. What happened recently not in the multiverse in the MCU. Okay so multiversal theory is now gonna go down so having a multiverse allows for a really fun concept; Spider Man Movie.

Spider Man Tom Holland Multiverse Rant
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The thery theory as to how the X-men and the Fantastic 4 in all of these characters are now going to be introduced within the MCU. Based on that so multiverse theory right we’ve got multiverse holes linking into other universes wherever and for those guys who don’t know dc has a known 52 earths. It’s not really 52 but they like to save it marvel has an infinite amount of earths. Like the word the six one six but we’ve also got like the 1609 and like a 2308 and the 9999. It’s there’s just endless amounts of worlds so you can have all kinds of possibilities popping up within the marvel universe.

We got three additional timelines and at this point marvel could also be like you know cartoon universe. But whatever that’s that’s a different thing totally adding in to mine things. But what if for the next 10 years we get X-men movies in this universe. They’re not a path a part of the MCU ,main MCU universe. In its own self-contained universe . That’s it okay i don’t see them doing very many more than that and what if at the end of the ten years everyone’s hyping up for an Avengers vs. X-men movie. What if it’s bigger than that.  What if we’ve got secret wars.  What if we’ve got MCU X-men, Fantastic 4’s one and a half movies. Maybe they’ll do that. I don’t know that the longer i go, the less movies i think they’ll have. Maybe they’ll just have cameos, and they all come together for the Avengers 3. , for the secret wars. Where they all battle on battle world and you get Avengers vs  X-men vs The Fantastic 4. But the Fantastic 4 they’re only there because they got doctor doom. And doctor doom created the battle world. So we get God Doom and his dream world of everyone fighting it out. And at the end of all of this, one big happy and MCU.

Spider Man Tom Holland Multiverse Rant
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So Far From Home looks amazing and it literally gives you directly right after endgame. And i think that the name drop of a multiverse is setting up this deal and that the X-men will be self-contained. They’ll just do their own thing this will allow disney to build its marvel universe. This will allow them to build their Fantastic 4 universe and work on God Doom and all that other stuff and work on the MCU as it was planned. Because for the next phase 5 the Avengers could be facing off against, Kang The Conqueror for breaking the timeline. They could be battling against a revival of ultron. They could be doing their own thing that we’re working on.

Spider Man Tom Holland Multiverse Rant
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But the X-men are working on Apocalypse. They’re fighting against apocalypse in his timeline for their big X-men assemble. Whatever movie they’ll name it, but like they do their own thing and they all have their big tentpole movies at the end of it all.  Disney  could go from owning one of the largest franchises ever to owning three separate franchises. And then we hit battle world and they all collide into one massive MCU. And if you do battle world you can link it all up; Spider Man Movie

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We don’t want the X-men movies to be dependent of Wolverine like the old man logan. What if he falls out of the X-men timeline into the MCU timeline. It he’s just pop it up and maybe he becomes avenger. Way before everyone. So when the big ten poll happens wolverine then has to decide, my new Avenger friends or Jean Grey; Spider Man Movie.

I’m super excited for Far From Home. Looks amazing. We’ll see!!

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