Samsung News – Samsung’s Latest Patent Revealed

Designers of Samsung are obsession with curves and have created a trend in smart phone market. Now there is a rumor that Samsung have designed a smartphone that resembles a missing fluid metal piece fallen from Terminator Judgement day; Samsung News.

The curved metal back with smooth surface and the glass surely gives you that change you’re waiting for the next evolution of smart phones.

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Samsung was the pioneer of curve trend with Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge back on April 2015. But Samsung fans were soon disappointed with the latest release of Samsung Galaxy S series; S10 as there were less aggressive curve design when compared to the early versions.

There were some ongoing news published last week, regarding the patent which was applied in late 2018.

The most noticable thing of the latest design of Samsung was that it has long smooth curve design which is the total opposite of the plain smart phone designs and I don’t know about you guys, but i’m pretty excited!

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When compared with the previous versions, the new design has a natural feeling to it. The curves in new concept modes are actually has some continuity to it. I think not only Samsung fans but all will love this!

More Grip in New Design according to Samsung News.

So in the new design Samsung has taken steps to create more grip on the phone by making it much thinner in top and bottom and it’ll make it easy to use.

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For selfie lovers they have included a selfie camera which will be perpendicular o user’s face, embedded in display! An under-display fingerprint reader be there too which will become a common thing by then ; Samsung News.

What could we hope more!!!

Let us know what is your favorite part in this upcoming model!! Lets share your opinion in the comment section below.

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