One thing that's never stopped me

One Thing That’s Never Stopped Me… Anotha Muthafuckas Opinion

Guys there is literally one lesson to be taught: don´t let anyone stop you and don´t listen to others opinion. If you follow this one rule, you will life a motherfuckin´ amazing life, this is a promise. The only opinion which actually matters in life is your own. It´s you who is living this life. It´s you who is dealing with all the shit happening in your life. It´s you creating your own catastrophe. Any it´s you turning your life into a whole fuckin´ party.

So why should any opinion drag you down? It might take some time to actually get this but there will be a point in your life, where you just have to stop giving a shit about the others. Stop giving a shit about what others think about you. Stop giving a shit about what others think is best for you. And stop giving a shit about what others think you should do. You should begin to give no shit to the other people around you. Those who want to drag you down and those who want to stop you from being a freakin´ amazing person.

Imagine, asking everyone for their own opinion? I mean, who is supposed to know your life better than yourself? There will always be those stupid motherfuckas who think they know best. Those people who think they know everything and have the power of decision. Never ever let that stop you. Ignore them, forget them or shit at them. They are nothing to you, because the only one whose opinion matters is YOU. Your opinion, your feelings and your ideas are the most important thing you got, so don´t waste it.

You gotta learn to be straight. You gotta learn how to be focused on yourself and start giving no shit about the motherfuckas around you. They ain´t you. They ain´t better. They can fail themselves, while you will make it out of their shithole and actually start living. Just imagine their stupid faces when you have actually made it.

Listen, this is not another meme, that you scroll over. This is a meme with a vibe. This is a meme that will help you turn into the best motherfucka out there and help live the best life ever. 👌🏼 💯

Check this out 👇🏼

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