Long Stem Roses Planting in Potatoes

“We all love a nice bouquet of flowers on the kitchen table, unfortunately a bouquet of flowers is not always cheap and after a few days it is already in the trash”, Long Stem Roses Planting in Potatoes.

Put a rose stalk in a potato and see what happens a week later! Fantastic!

The flowers are very beautiful and give your home a family atmosphere. They also smell very good! Unfortunately, the flowers are quite expensive, and we do not have all the green hands of a gardener. We have a great tip, with which you can grow your own roses in no time! You do not even need green fingers for that. And so, you will always have a flower at your fingertips. Ideal, is not it?

Green hands : Long Stem Roses Planting in Potatoes

Unfortunately, we do not have all the green hands to maintain a beautiful flower garden. Fortunately, we found the trick to have a beautiful rose in no time. You do not have to be good at gardening and you will always have beautiful flowers. Sounds nice, does not it? Everyone would like to have a beautiful bouquet of roses and thanks to this trick, you will soon have a garden full of beautiful flowers. All you need is a rose stalk, a potato, a plastic bottle, potting soil and a pot.

That is how we doing it,

Choose a rose that you like, remove all the leaves from the stem and cut the head of the rose diagonally (about three inches from the flower). If the flower is still beautiful, you can put it in a small vase.

Take the potato and make a hole in the potato, big enough so that the stem of the rose comes in and does not fall. Cover the bottom of the pot with 5 cm of potting soil and place the potato on top. Now fill the rest of the pot with soil. Cut the underside of the bottle and place it carefully on the stem of the rose as a kind of bell. Water the rose from time to time (around the bottle) and watch your roses bloom like never before!

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