How to Get a Girl and Think About you all the Time

You are probably frantically over thinking about your crush all the time to the point it’s probably a little bit excessive. You’re probably thinking to yourself is this normal and low-key. Deep down you know that if only she‘s thinking about you as much as you’re thinking about her then it wouldn’t be so weird. Well today we’re here to help you all about How to Get a Girl, because I get it! Who wouldn’t want their crush to think about them uncontrollably.

It’s time we let you know the secrets of BECOMING more NOTICEABLE to girls!

Today I’m gonna show you how to become more memorable to the point that she’s not gonna be able to get you out of her mind.

1. Establishing Connection; How to Get a Girl

How to Get a Girl and Think About you all the Time

You need to foster an intimate connection before you can even think about running through a girl’s mind. You have to be able to get to her mind and most girls by nature have several walls put in place and protect against stranger danger. Women are very weary about who they engage with. Especially men because they don’t want to damage themselves. So you need to bring down these walls to be able to engage with her and built this intimate trust. Trust that make her feel comfortable around you.

The best way to do this is to show respect towards the woman and her values. And also ask her those deep questions that will make her know that you’re really interested in getting to know her.

2. Dropping The Hint; How to Get a Girl

How to Get a Girl and Think About you all the Time

And just remember to drop a hint. Women are more scared than men to make the first move. Therefore you as the man need to do the work you need to drop the hint. You need to set that spark that’s gonna set a flame in her mind wondering does he like me. That’s how you get into her head. Don’t be afraid of doing a certain thing that might lead her to think that you like her. Because now you’re gonna have her endlessly wondering does he like me or not and the easiest .simplest way bite to do this you don’t even have to say a word is just by looking at her passionately, that she’s gonna know that you want her! Women are not stupid she’s gonna pick up this hint; How to Get a Girl

3. How You Look

How to Get a Girl and Think About you all the Time

Got to pay attention to how you look when women are thinking about. Wonder if he likes me or not their brain. Will always leave towards the answer that they want. That’s just how it works! Your brain will always make you believe, it’s better than it is and if the package looks good deep down. She’s gonna start building these pros and cons lists and the pros will just outweigh the cons. Because you look so good she’s gonna make every excuse in her mind. “why you’re the right option and why you probably liked her”, and now you’re really in her mind. If you look like a slob do you really think she’s gonna worry if you like her or not. She’s just gonna brush that off you look on point she’s gonna have sleepless nights over this.

4. Deep Desire; How to Get a Girl

You could have done all that but if you don’t do this step. You might have just walk thrown everything away. You need to desire yourself. How the hell can you expect her to desire you and find you attractive, if you don’t even see yourself that way you need to actively see yourself as this desirable man. And put yourself on that pedestal instead of putting her there. That way you don’t worship her all the time and you become more cool more attractive. And that is what she’s going to desire. That’s what she’s gonna think about all.

5. Financial Stability

You have to be financially independent. I’m not here to sugarcoat anything. You want women to desire you. Well you need to show that you’re mature enough to take care of yourself and be able to take care of her. No you don’t have to be rich or come from a family of wealth. But no girls don’t want to meet with somebody knowing that they’re gonna struggle in the future, just like you. Women they like to be spoiled from time to time. So they want to know that that’s even an option and that you’re not just a complete box; How to Get a Girl

6. Leave An Impression

How to Get a Girl and Think About you all the Time

There needs to be something different about you that she just can’t get out of her head. Something that makes you different than every other guy. And this is just balancing your emotional side and your masculine side. So many guys hide behind this macho man wall but these guys tend to forget that women want an emotional response from men too. So yes it’s okay to dress well to care about your appearance to be vulnerable enough to let her know you like her. But still be dominant enough to lead the way or make her feel protective that’s a man worth remembering; How to Get a Girl

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