Galactus Marvel Casting Liam Neeson

Galactus Marvel Casting Liam Neeson

There’s been a lot of murmurs about galactus entering the MCU ever since the completion of the Infinity Saga. But most importantly the rice bouncing back from foxing even in lieu of these recent phase 4 announcements not including anything to do with the Fantastic Four or Galactus Marvel; alike that didn’t stop reports coming from MCU cosmic. Some other places that there may be plans to include Galactus in tyrant and even as early as the Eternals in this iteration of the MCU we see early in phase four. So we’re gonna break down now what are some of the earliest casting rumors where they’re coming from what the source is and why this would be very interesting for an inclusion in the MCU.

Galactus Marvel Casting Liam Neeson

So in the last 24 hours there are three specific names; that floated out to take up the mantle of Galactus Marvel in the MCU. This is coming from the same source who claimed that obi-wan Kenobi would be reprised by Ian McGregor. So there is some cloud here these names range from a very popular TV star; all the way up to a huge movie star an iconic actor at that. Even though the source made sure to mention none of these actors have been officially contacted yet.

Liam Neeson as Galactus Marvel

The first name that broke early yesterday was none other than Liam Neeson; Ra’s al Ghul himself no stranger to the genre and his iconic as they come probably best known for taken. So this guy is in everything and his voice is extremely well known. For a character like Galactus, Marvel that isn’t going to be rocket 2.0 there won’t be a full mocap needed that Sean Gunn stood in for. I know a lot of you guys have seen the behind the scenes. This is gonna be completely CGI with a voice actor only meaning Neeson could slip into any sound studio; that Disney needed him do to do this voice work anywhere in the world really. That’s why I think this casting makes the most sense now.

In that article they also mentioned Shazam’s Mark Strong is being on the wish list to play the role. But it’s the name that broke within the last hour a name that had already been linked to the MCU for a different role none other than Walking Dead’s David Morrissey. Now a lot of people know him as the governor but he’s actually an esteemed actor and has done a lot of stuff. He may remember that back in June there were multiple reports. The sources coming out saying he was talking to the MCU; about joining possibly is Norman Osborn back when if spider-man was in the MCU. Now it appears as though that doesn’t matter.

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But this is quite often the case with Marvel Studios if they really like an actor and it doesn’t make sense for one role in particular. If that role doesn’t work out then they keep the actor on the list for a different role. They said they’ve met with Keanu Reeves; several times they just haven’t found the right role for him that’s coming directly from Kevin Feige could be the same case with David Morrissey. I’d love to hear him as Galactus.

Galactus Marvel Casting Liam Neeson

I think that would really work either way this is super exciting news. If this source ends up being right and they have started thinking about casting Galactus, Marvel. That means his appearance in the MCU could be right around the corner and in phase 4; like a lot of us have hoped for this may be a long time coming though guys . I would expect to see an easter egg here and there or I might be completely wrong and we might just see Galactus; versus tyrant in a couple of frames. While they’re explaining the universe during the Eternals; I wouldn’t put it past them there has been a lot in the MCU.

Let me know what you think in the comments about this specifically any of these three actors playing Galactus. Leave down in the comments, if you have a better actor you think would do a better job with the voice. I’m all ears except for Laurence Fishburne. He can’t do it not only is he already in the MCU. But he was already Galactus I’ve seen some of you say he should come back for that but it just doesn’t make sense let me know what you think in the comments.

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