Dobby Socks Teaches Friendship Lessons

Hello Potter heads, At first I did not like Dobby at all. At the beginning he is a pain. He makes disaster at Dursleys Kitchen, hides Harry’s personal mail, tries to get Harry expelled but by observing Dobby you never can say that he is a good friend. After all he gives his life for his friend. Also do you remember the scene of Dobby socks?

Dobby Socks Scene Art Work

01. Friend in need is a friend indeed! ;Dobby Socks

A good friend id always their when his buddy needs his support despite the hour, he needs help.

Dobby rushes to steal Snapes stocks as soon as he hears Mad Eye Moody talk about the Gillyweed property, so Harry won’t fail in his Triwizards Tournament Task (though it is risky).  It is not the lesson he gives here is to steal for your friend but to keep his back always and to be a good friend.

02. Their secrets are safe with you

We do embarrass our friend at any chance we get. That is the beauty of it. But we should know never to tell any of their secrets and know that they are safe with us…

Dobby never let thing s slip, but he definitely knew when to cover for his friend as any embarrassing moment. Winky the fellow house elf lost her job and was into a drinking spiral once at Hogwarts. Dobby quickly moved her to Room of requirement to safe her blushes trying to keep the spirit up at her dark moment.

03. Tough love is must sometimes

It is a thing we do that we always support our besties what ever they do good or bad mostly base on the fact it is our best buddy and we always got their back. But it is the truth that sometimes it is not what they need.

The reason why Dobby needed Harry out of the Hogwarts is mainly he knew it is a dangerous place and he wanted Harry to be safe (though his methods are not good). He knew he have to go to measures that harry would never want to keep his best friend safe in Chamber of secrets.

04. Always standup for your Friend

It does not matter what it regards whether it is telling their boyfriend or girlfriend not to upset them or in front of a bully always stand up for your bestie. Never let them fell they are alone.

Dobby even stood up for Lucius Malfoy for Harry despite how intimidating he is just after he got freed. That means he has no duty to do so but for a friend always ignoring how terrifying the situation might be.

05. No Body Hurts your Friends. Never!

In Deadly Hallows, Dobby threw himself between Bellatrix Lestrange and Harry saying, “Dobby has come to save Harry Potter and his friends” It indeed a very touching moment.

Never we let our friends to get hurt. We always try to save them from any harm emotional or physical. But the lesson Doddy teaches us…. His devotion to his friends led Dobby to a heartbreaking death but till the end he is a loyal, devotional and good irreplaceable friend.

Ok… Off you go… Dobby socks

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