Change Quotes – Hey Ladies Shall We Change the Roles

Hey Ladies, You cook, you clean, you feed, you wash, make them happy oh plus you earn. What was your youth like? Of course, we were getting ready for our ideal future. Life is not easy. It is unfair to be wanting everything you saw from your mother to have from your babe; Change Quotes.

Society is changing. It is obvious that nothing is as earlier time. That is a lot to absorb. The change we face from one generation to another is huge. The life of our parents was complicated but ours obviously it is much worse for us. So, is it fair to expect what we saw from some one else to be expect from another?

Specially ladies… they do not get prepare to take care of her husband and her child by just staying home. Almost all have plans of their own. And the special thing is they do not forget to include her family in it. They cook, they wash, they do shopping, they feed, make all of you happy while trying to make her dream come true.

But dudes come on….

What are the changes you had to face to fuss so much… Yap life is tough… going to work, earning is tough… For a second try to step on to a shoe of a women who work while doing all the chores. Can you even?

Change Quotes; Hey Ladies Shall We Change the Roles
Shall we?

So, let’s stop this comparing and live in this century where we all consider much more equal. Let’s help each other live happy. Its not fair to be gender stereotypes nor to separate roles doing work. If we expect equality at society, why should there be a different at work and no one is perfect baby… all fails once or twice before walk; Change Quotes.

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