Animals in deep though – I bet you haven’t seen anything like this before!


You might think that overthinking is only a thing among humans. But we’re here to prove otherwise. This is the most hilarious animal photography collection EVER! These animals in their deep thoughts will make you laugh, guaranteed!

Any honey?
get lost, I’m busy!
Is that a banana?
It’s yellow and its long!
Do I need to stay with these hoomans?
What’s for dinner>
I’m getting old for this sh*t!
Will it rain today?
I need to find a better husband!
Where’s my milk?
Economy these days!
Will they find me here!
I think she likes me!
Any haircut ideas?
Should I see Planet of the Apes?
Do I need more makeup?
I think I should rule these hoomans!
It’s freezing, Should I go for a swim?
They should treat me better!
I can’t even remember my breakfast!
Where is that nut? Where did I put that
Mom shouldn’t have hit me so hard!
Why won’t they give me a fish?
I’m not sleeping, I’m in deep though!
Should I ask her out?


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