About Joker Joaquin Phoenix Most People Don’t Know

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01. The Dark lifts full scenes from the Joker’s first comic’s appearance; Joker Joaquin Phoenix

Heath Ledgers’ performance as the Joker and Joker Joaquin Phoenix performance is nothing short of legendary, and The Dark Knight is jam-packed with scene after memorable scene; but many things from the film are actually lifted directly from the comics. In fact, this memorable scene is lifted straight from 1940’s Batman Number 1.

So both feature the same key beats: the Joker disguising himself as a policeman to get close to his targeted victim; Gotham’s organized crime families trying and failing to kill this strange, new criminal; the Joker; Joker escaping prison with a smuggled explosive device. So it’s hard to tell whether the filmmakers inspired by this specific story, or the thousands of comics inspired by it.

About Joker Joaquin Phoenix Most People Don't Know
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02. He disappeared from the Batman comics for 04 years

After a moral panic in the 1950s instituted the famous Comics Code Authority; the Clown Prince of Evil forced to tone down the evil and play up the clown. So these Silver Age stories where the Joker didn’t kill and less menacing, proceeded to tank his popularity, and, worst of all. For instance the results of these changes were that entire years would pass without him making an appearance.

About Joker Joaquin Phoenix Most People Don't Know
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03. Alan Moore hates The Killing Joke; Joker Joaquin Phoenix

For a good while in the 1980s, Alan Moore was on a creative rampage, stomping his way through the stale DC Universe. Moore was able to weave in off-limits aspects, like the occult, sex, and mental health, while still and barely, just barely making it past the censors. Similarly in multiple interviews, he said things like, “I think I put far too much melodramatic weight upon a character that was never really designed to carry it”.

About Joker Joaquin Phoenix Most People Don't Know
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04. Jack Nicholson’s deal in 1989’s Batman was sweet as hell!

Jack Nicholson’s portrayal of the Joker has debatably overshadowed by other performances since then, it’s safe to say; no single human being has benefited more from being the Jester of Genocide than he has. However back in the late 80s; Nicholson accepted half his usual pay for a blockbuster at the time in exchange for a percentage of the movie’s profits and got him a share of the Batman merchandise and the movie’s sequel. So earning well over $100 million from his one single performance.

About Joker Joaquin Phoenix Most People Don't Know
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05. The Joker’s origins are, well, they’re stupid. They’re kinda dumb

1951’s The Man Behind the Red Hood is actually a comedic tale of college hijinks and an eye-rollingly obvious mystery unfit for an episode of Scooby-Doo. So the entire premise revolves around Batman being tapped to teach a criminology class at a local college where he and a bunch of one-off Archie rejects are tasked with catching The Red Hood. A villain who had escaped Batman’s grasp years earlier.

About Joker Most People Don't Know
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